EXID Hani’s “Idol” got 0% rating for 4 consecutive episodes

The drama “Idol” starring Hani recorded its own lowest ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea on November 17, the November 16 broadcast of JTBC’s “Idol” recorded 0.56% viewership based on paid broadcasting households nationwide. It is lower than episode 2’s 0.64% and also its own lowest ratings.

Idol: The Coup poor rating
Idol: The Coup poor rating

Idol” has not exceeded the 0% range for 4 consecutive episodes since it started airing at 0.75%. At the same time, KBS2’s “The King’s Affection” recorded 8.8% nationwide, while tvN’s “Secret Royal Inspector Joy” recorded 5.1% based on paid platforms nationwide.

Idol: The Coup poor rating

Idol” drew a lot of attention as Hani, a former idol, played the lead role, but received low ratings strangely. Accordingly, some netizens pointed out that Hani’s acting and uninteresting storyline are the reasons for low ratings.

Idol: The Coup poor rating
Idol: The Coup poor rating

Starring Hani, Kwak Si-yang, Solbin, Han So-eun, Choo So-jung and Kim Ji-won, the drama “Idol” tells about young people who confidently throw their resignation to their dreams.

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