Black Pink’s head stylist revealed the group’s four-color-fashion

The girl group BlackPink has emerged as a hot icon in the fashion industry; not only based off the outfits they wear on stage, but their daily fashion styles can become the talk of the town. Here are the stories of the “it” items in Black Pink’s MVs that fans shouldn’t miss.
Blackpink , ddu du ddu
I started working on the image a month ago after hearing only that it was a song with strong feelings,” said Ji Eun, the stylist. “We have no choice but to wait for the title song to be fixed because only then we can work on the details. It took two weeks to buy all the outfits.”
She also added, “Lisa‘s clothes in the powder part were custom-made at the scene. We prepared enough spare parts to do the combination on the spot, and I think the result was good with thorough preparation.
In Jennie’s case, I chose a costume that will save the cute, pretty but chic mask of hers. I also brought out a red check pattern suit for Vivien Westwood 14W Collection, which I had had my eyes on, to give her a slight 1990s feel.
Rosé, the most feminine of the four members, maintained the atmosphere. She has the advantage of being feminine and thin. They also put hair pieces on it and gave it a twist with shoes.
Jisoo has an urban feel. Many people say she has a calm image when they look at her, but I get a sophisticated vibe from her. I tried giving Jisoo a bit of my own wannabe image. I was happy that Jisoo gave off a newer image in this MV.
Finally, the head stylist revealed that Lisa was the member that suited every fashion style. “She can depict so much visually because of her great proportions,” the stylist said.

Sources: Naverisplus

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