The legendary female historical drama character created by Lee Se-young in “The Red Sleeve”

Actress Lee Se-young performed enthusiastically until the end of “The Red Sleeve”, pouring out the hidden power of “Historical Drama Queen”.

Lee Se-young in "The Red Sleeve"

In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve” (directed by Jung Ji-in, Song Yeon-hwa/written by Jung Hae-ri), Lee Se-young played the role of Seong Deok-im, a court lady who wants to live the life of her choice, creating a female historical drama character that the public has never seen before.

The Red Sleeve” has been recognized for its distinctiveness by retelling the love story of Uibin Seong and Jeongjo in history from the perspective of a court lady. Lee Se-young also completely transformed into her character. From Seong Deok-im to Royal Noble Consort Uibin Seong, she left a strong impression on viewers by giving off different feelings.

Lee Se-young in "The Red Sleeve"

Lee Se-young, whose acting skills are worthy of her nickname “Historical Drama Queen” due to stable vocalization and pronunciation, hit the peak at the final episode. Her emotional change over time was captured with sorrowful expressions and sad eyes. Even in scenes where there were not many lines, Lee Se-young’s delicate inner acting was enough to convince viewers.

In particular, despite the sudden change in speech and behavior as her status changed from court lady to concubine in the final episode, her dignity and elegance still overflowed without any difference. Lee Se-young acted flexibly at the moment when she needed to create a scene refreshing to the viewers. On the contrary, when she needed to show the weight of an authentic historical drama, she showed perfect tempo control with her unique solid vocalization and breathing.

Lee Se-young in "The Red Sleeve"

Lee Se-young wore hanbok in various works such as “Dae Jang Geum”, “Dream of the Emperor”, “The Crowned Clown” and “The Red Sleeve”. Especially, in “The Crowned Clown”, she took on the role of the Queen who was gentle in appearance yet tough in spirit, creating the formula “Lee Se-young = historical drama”. The actress proved this formula once again through “The Red Sleeve”.

Lee Se-young’s passionate performance led to her achievements of being the most talked-about drama star for 5 consecutive weeks and winning the “Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a mini series” at the “2021 MBC Drama Awards”. People are raising expectations for the next move of Lee Se-young, who once again proved the dignity of “Historical Drama Queen” by gaining greater trust and love from many viewers through “The Red Sleeve”.

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