BLACKPINK Jennie stands by “The Idol” director’s vision despite the ongoing criticism 

BLACKPINK Jennie is excited about her acting debut in “The Idol” despite the strong criticism facing the series. 

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, BLACKPINK Jennie talked enthusiastically and positively about her role on the HBO series’ “The Idol” that recently premiered at Cannes Film Festival. During the interview, the idol-actress talked highly of actress Lily-Rose Depp and director Sam Levinson.

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For starters, Jennie shared about her process of character immersion, stating, “It definitely was a challenge, because I’ve never experienced anything like that before. It was like, breaking a wall for me”. In recalling the process, the BLACKPINK member also credited the star of the show, Lily-Rose Depp, for helping her. “She just taught me to express myself and be comfortable with myself, to not be scared”, said the “SOLO” singer.

In the same interview, Jennie also subtly addressed the concerns over explicit contents within the series deemed to be too “sleazy”. She said that she trusted the director and their collaboration wholeheartedly.


In addition, the idol said, “The fact that it was about the music industry fascinated me, and I thought I could bring something to the role”, continuing, “It was an opportunity to just be myself and be brave. I didn’t really train for it, or prep anything. Sam wanted me to just be myself”.

In reality, it is Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd who are the stars of the show. Jennie commenced her acting career as a backup dancer named Joycelyn. Despite limited screen time, she managed to capture the audience’s attention with her bold fashion sense and alluring smile.

Fans and curious viewers are looking forward to the series’ official airing on June 4th.

Source: K14 

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