No.2 BLACKPINK, No.3 Lim Young-woong… The singer who beat legends to top the October Singer Brand Reputation ranking is?

There is an idol group that surpassed Lim Young-woong and BLACKPINK to top the October Singer Brand Reputation ranking.

That is boy group BTS.

According to the announcement by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation on Oct 22nd, BTS ranked first in the Singer Brand Reputation ranking. In particular, they attracted attention by regaining the first place in 6 months since April.

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Following BTS were BLACKPINK, Lim Young-woong, IU and IVE, respectively. This is the ranking based on the analysis of 150,135,853 singer brand big data from Sep 22nd to Oct 22nd by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation.

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation explained, “The BTS brand, which maximized consumers’ participation at their concert, ranked first. The BLACKPINK brand loved by consumers on the YouTube platform took second place. The Lim Young-woong brand, which built a solid fandom community, came in third. The key to developing brand reputation is the emotional bond between consumers and the brand.”


Brand Reputation Index is an index created through brand big data analysis by finding that consumers’ online habits have a great influence on brand consumption. Brand reputation analysis of singers can measure both positive and negative reviews, media interest, consumer interest and traffic of singers.

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The October Singer Brand Reputation Ranking’s No.1~30 belonged to BTS, BLACKPINK, Lim Young-woong, IU, IVE, NewJeans, Lee Chan-won, Young Tak, Seventeen, Kim Ho-joong, EXO, NCT, (G)I-DLE, Jung Dong-won, Kang Daniel, Jannabi, Zico, Lee Seung-gi, Joy, Taeyeon, TWICE, Jang Min-ho, Girls’ Generation, Psy, Song Ga-in, LE SSERAFIM, Oh My Girl, Jessi, aespa and Park Chang-geun.

Source: wikitree

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