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“Marriage Hell” international couple “We got married 2 days after we met through a broker”… 13 years apart

An international couple appeared for the first time on “Oh Eun-young’s Report: Marriage Hell”.

On MBC’s entertainment program “Oh Eun-young‘s Report: Marriage Hell” (hereinafter referred to as “Marriage Hell”), which aired on Oct 3rd, an international marriage couple joined as a client for the first time.

On this day, the client was a Korean husband and an Uzbek wife who has been married for 8 years. The wife, who got married at the age of 19, shocked everyone by saying, “My husband came to Uzbekistan for international marriage through a marriage broker, and we got married 2 days after we met.”

The husband, who is 13 years older than the wife, confessed, “It wasn’t love at first sight. I chose her because she looked nice and pretty.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Oh Eun-young’s Report: Marriage Hell” is a real talkmentary program in which Dr. Oh Eun-young observes married couples’ daily lives and they directly appear in the studio to share their concerns about marital conflict. It airs every Monday at 10:30 PM.

Source: daum

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