Is YG Applying “BLACKPINK Promotion Strategy” on BABYMONSTER with No Music Show Stage? 

YG’s debut promotions for rookie girl group BABYMONSTER are making fans confused 

It’s been over two weeks since YG officially launched BABYMONSTER. BABYMONSTER’s debut has been getting mixed reviews, with constant comparisons to BLACKPINK’s debut saturating the discussions. Despite being under YG, BABYMONSTER’s domestic success is trailing behind other new generation girl groups, partly due to their unconventional promotion strategy.


In Korea, idol groups usually perform on weekly music shows and appear in variety content for maximum exposure during promotions. Despite the fandom hype, BABYMONSTER is totally absent from music show stages even after their debut. In response, YG claimed they haven’t sorted out the schedules for BABYMONSTER. Many voices are pointing fingers at YG, accusing them of gatekeeping these talented girls.

BABYMONSTER is doing well in the global market

When it comes to international results, BABYMONSTER is doing exceptionally well, holding records on YouTube and Spotify. “Batter Up” surpassed 10 million streams within ten days on Spotify, setting a new speed record for a K-pop debut song. “Batter Up” MV attracted over 22.5 million views on its debut day, becoming the most-viewed K-pop debut MV in 24 hours. Currently, the MV has reached 86.77 million views, nearly hitting the 100 million milestone in just 15 days.

Online discussions among international fans about BABYMONSTER are buzzing. YG is keeping the hype alive through TikTok, where BABYMONSTER engages with fans.

Billboard is even predicting BABYMONSTER as the next “global music trend.” “Batter Up” secured No.49 on the Billboard Global chart and landed at #5 on the World Digital Songs Chart (excluding the United States).

Is YG pulling a BLACKPINK with BABYMONSTER’s promotions? 

Industry insiders are speculating that YG’s strategy involves keeping BABYMONSTER away from live music shows. BABYMONSTER is sticking to interactions with fans and the public through company-made videos. 

The question on everyone’s mind: “When will BABYMONSTER perform on stage live?” 

It’s not hard to see the resemblance to BLACKPINK’s promotion strategy. Over their 7-year run, BLACKPINK strategically dropped teasers, took extended breaks, and kept their appearances on reality shows to a minimum. Against concerns that this might affect their popularity, BLACKPINK proved everyone wrong, creating a global frenzy with each comeback.


From their first album, “The Album” (2020), to “Born Pink” (2022), any hint about BLACKPINK’s comeback became the talk of the town. The more their fans yearned for new music, the more excited and interested they became when BLACKPINK finally made a comeback

However, this strategy is a “double-edged sword.” To replicate BLACKPINK’s success, YG needs to build a loyal fanbase. In BLACKPINK’s first two years of debut, they promoted like most K-pop groups, performing on various stages locally and internationally. Additionally, BLACKPINK members achieved huge success in fashion, ensuring they remained in the global spotlight through campaigns by luxury brands.

BABYMONSTER is still a rookie without a massive fanbase. YG keeping them from traditional music show promotions might lead to a “more harm than good” scenario, with the risk of the public forgetting about the group.

Source: K14

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