Han So-hee: “What’s one thing I always bring with me even if I go out bare-faced? Lipstick”      

Han So-hee introduced the items she carried with her. 

On Feb 9th, YouTube channel “Allure Korea” posted a video titled, “From actor Han So-hee’s favorite lipstick to her diary! What’s the most favorite item in her bag? Han So-hee IN MY BAG”. 

The released video shows Han So-hee introducing her favorite items in her bag. Han So-hee first took out a film camera and said, “I bought it cheaply from a friend in the past, but I recently learned the charm of film cameras, so I’m carrying it around to take photos.”

Allure Korea

Han So-hee said, “But it is so hard to develop these photos. The taken film rolls are piled up at my house, and I still can’t develop them yet,” she said. “If I develop them later, I will remember the memories again and I think it will be good to do so, which is why I’m carrying this camera around often.”

The second item is her wired earphones. Han So-hee saw the tangled earphones and said, “I don’t know why earphones always become like this when they go into my bag,” and explained, “These days, wireless earphones with good performance have come out a lot, but I like earphones with wire.”

Han So-hee then said, “There were times when I miss using wired earphones in the past,” adding, “Don’t you sometimes want to use a folder phone or a slide phone as your cell phone again? That’s why I wanted to use wired earphones and I decided to buy them. I used one before this, but it was broken, so I bought another one.”

Allure Korea

Han So-hee, who always carries lipstick even if she goes around without makeup, said, “I think I have a color that is the best for me, but I can try various colors because I often have to get makeup.”

Han So-hee said, “Among them, the color I found is a strong red color. As I don’t usually have makeup in my daily life, when I apply such a bright color, it will make me look like I have makeup on and I can even easily emphasize my features with it. I can apply it fully on my lips, or just put it on my hands and apply it slightly inside,” she said.

Next, Han So-hee took out an empty bottle of portable perfume and said, “I like to spray different perfume depending on the situation or mood, so I carry this around,” adding, “Recently, I prefer flower scents such as rose scents and flora scents. In the past, I liked heavy scents, but these days, I prefer to have a subtle lingering scent,” she said.

Lastly, Han So-hee took out her diary and said, “I don’t think I can write comfortably if I buy something expensive, so I purposely buy an inexpensive note and write whatever comes to mind. It contains my records of about a year, such as pictorials and polaroids taken in the past. The bookmarks are butterfly-shaped,” she described.

Allure Korea

Also, “I don’t collect diaries. For me, the diary is intended to pour out my emotions, so when I’m done writing, I throw them away because I want to empty those feelings off of me. Instead, I rip it so that no one can see it and throw it away,” she added.

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