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Divorced Dad Lee Dong-gun Stood In Line For 2 Hours To Buy Daughter’s Favorite Toy

Actor Lee Dong-gun had a happy day with his daughter Lee Roa.

In the latest episode of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on December 10th, Lee Dong-gun met his daughter Lee Roa.

On this day, Lee Dong-gun waited in line for two hours before the store opened to purchase a doll of his daughter’s favorite character. Lee Dong-gun bought the doll and met his daughter Lee Roa, then brought her home.

My Little Old Boy Lee Dong-gun son

At home, Lee Dong-gun took out the pink apron that Roa likes, and suggested, “Do you want to cook with me?” Lee even prepared a children’s knife that Roa could use, and Lee Roa cut pickled radish as Lee told her.

While preparing and eating food, Roa said, “I wish I could live with you, dad. I want to live with you,” and Lee Dong-gun said, “Daddy too.”

Lee Dong-gun was speechless after hearing her words, then Roa added, “I don’t like you getting sick.” Lee Dong-gun apologized, saying, “Because I can’t meet you? I got an eye disease and a flu before. I’m sorry.” Roa emphasized, “I hate dad getting sick the most in the world,” and Lee Dong-gun promised, “I will never get sick again.

After eating, Lee Dong-gun and Lee Ro-ah headed to a kids’ cafe. Lee Dong-gun’s friend was waiting at the kids’ cafe, and Roa became active, running around at the kids’ cafe with his friend’s daughter.

Afterwards, Lee Dong-gun took Roa home in the evening. She became sad, saying, “I’m upset that we have to say goodbye, dad.” Lee Dong-gun asked, “Why are you upset? I’ll see you again next week.” Roa then finally burst into tears, saying, “I think I’m going to get carsick,” and Lee Dong-gun didn’t know what to do.

Source: Xsports News

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