CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk broke his finger while playing rock-climbing with AOA’s Seolhyun

CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk (30) is suffering from a fracture in his middle finger.

On Nov 8th, Kang Min-hyuk uploaded several pictures on his Instagram along with the caption “Please return my finger bones that I left over there… They don’t stick.” The photos showed him playing rock-climbing outdoors.

Earlier, Kang Min-hyuk posted a video of his climbing challenge with AOA‘s Seolhyun (real name Kim Seol-hyun, 26) through his personal YouTube channel “Drunk Min-hyuk Hobby Binger”. While climbing the rock wall, he suffered a fracture when his middle finger got caught in a quick draw (rock-climbing equipment).

Kang Min-hyuk

On Nov 5th, he released an X-ray photo of his finger through SNS, saying, “It was really painful, but I went to the end without realizing it. It’s been a month and the bones haven’t stuck yet. My finger is starting to harden, so I’ll move it first and see how it goes…”

CNBLUE, to which Kang Min-hyuk belongs, made a comeback with their 9th mini album “WANTED” and the title song “Love Cut” on Oct 20th. Kang Min-hyuk had to digest his schedules with the injured finger, which made fans feel sorry for him. On Oct 22nd, two days after the group’s comeback, he appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” and played the drums. The drummer confessed, “I broke my middle finger, but there’s no problem thanks to Adrenaline.”

Kang Min-hyuk

Netizens showed reactions such as “The avulsion fracture did not heal well, so you must have gone through hardship. Please get enough rest”, “Give his finger bones back”, “The bones should have stuck quickly. I’m really upset”, “Return our drummer’s finger”…

Meanwhile, Kang Min-hyuk is communicating with fans through his YouTube channel “Drunk Min-hyuk Hobby Binger”. He recently announced his appearance in Netflix’s new drama “Celebrity“.

Kang Min-hyuk
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