Netizens demanded “military exemption” for BTS after the group won AMA’s grand prize

While BTS is writing a new history in front of people around the world, the “military” issue has been mentioned.

The “2021 American Music Awards (AMAs)” was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Nov 22nd. On this day, BTS lifted trophies in all 3 categories for which they were nominated, including “Artist of the Year”, “Favorite Pop Duo or Group” and “Favorite Pop Song”.

BTS military exemption

Although the competition among global pop stars on the world stage was fierce, BTS became the first Asian singer to win the grand prize “Artist of the Year”. BTS worked hard to enhance national prestige by reaching the peak again after topping the Billboard chart. Netizens praised BTS, who widely promoted Korean popular culture, “This achievement is as great as the Olympic gold medal.”

BTS military exemption

A male netizen even mentioned the issue of military service, “Everyone acknowledges BTS. Let’s not send them to the military.” Others reacted positively to BTS’s alternative service and exemption from military service, saying, “Let them work in Dokdo for 3 months then leave the army”, “Let them receive basic military training only”…

BTS military exemption

At a meeting of the National Defense Commission’s Legislative Review Subcommittee on Nov 25th, they will discuss amendments to the Military Service Act, including alternative service for “popular cultural artists” who contribute to the national interest like BTS.

BTS military exemption

If these amendments are passed this time, it is highly likely that special military service exceptions will be applied to BTS members. Otherwise, the eldest member of BTS – Jin (born in 1992) – will have to enlist by the end of 2022.

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