Chuu’s First Paycheck: Giving Money to Her Parents and Ordering Three Meals Alone

Former LOONA’s Chuu revealed how she used her first paycheck, showing her filial piety

On October 20th, Chuu, who recently released her first solo album ‘Howl,’ appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s ‘Choi Hwajung’s Power Time.’

On her solo debut, Chuu mentioned that it was her first time properly bleaching her hair. She described this look as the ‘Dark Chuu, Charisma Chuu’ concept.

Chuu mentioned that she filmed the MV in Portugal and enjoyed some delicious food and famous Portuguese wine after the shoot. 


Chuu confessed she likes meal kits and easy dishes like microwaveable fried rice, and that she’s not skilled at cooking. However, she mentioned she can make instant ramen exceptionally well.

When asked about her first significant purchase, Chuu said, “After receiving my first paycheck, I gave my parents an allowance, and that’s when I felt like an adult. Also, getting a driver’s license and being able to drive my parents to the terminal made me feel like an adult.”

Chuu couldn’t remember what she first bought for herself but said that after receiving her paycheck, she mostly ordered a few meals she liked and savored them without hesitation, which made her happy.

Source: daum

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