Instagram Star Criticized For Trying To Become Song Kang’s doppelgänger

On February 10, a post was made on the popular Korean forum Nate Pann with the title “Instagram star who gets criticized for copying Song Kang.”

The post includes several photos of an influencer on Instagram, claiming that this person is increasing his followers by making reels with a superpower concept, following Song Kang’s style with“ My Demon” OSTs as the background music. “He said he doesn’t think he looks like Song Kang while using Song Kang as the hashtag and keeping acting like him,” said the post.

song kang
Minseo Gong

This post has gathered approximately 100,000 views after only day. In the comment section, many Internet users have come to criticize the Instagram star.

The top comments include,

“Why did you post a picture of Jeon Hyun-moo? Please post the photos of the real Song Kang doppelgänger.”

“He just looks like Park Gun-wook.”

“His reels are all My Demon songs, and videos of him doing superpowers. Even after many people told him to stop, he said he keeps posting because a lot of people are saying he is fun to watch. But I think there are more people who are uncomfortable.”


“Strangely, he looks like Pepe the frog”

“Song Kang…? More like Lee Min-ho ╋ Hee Doo”

“Song Kang? F**k Song Kang is an innocent puppy, and that person has a beak-eyes, so he looks more like Lee Min-ho. I think he’s supposedly styling his hair like that, but it’s ridiculous.”

What is your opinion?

Source: Nate Pann

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