The reason why Mamamoo Hwasa’s photo appeared on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Mamamoo’s Hwasa on Instagram…Why?

The reason why Mamamoo Hwasa's photo appeared on Kim Kardashian's Instagram story

Fashion-beauty entrepreneur Kim Kardashian uploaded a photo of Hwasa on her Instagram, which has 260 million followers.

Kim Kardashian delighted Korean fans by posting a picture of Mamamoo‘s Hwasa on her own Instagram story on Oct 27th (KST).

The reason Hwasa‘s photo was uploaded seems to be that Hwasa dressed up in an outfit of luxury company F, which Kim Kardashian collaborated with recently.

Kim Kardashian posted photos of models that caught her eyes among celebrities from all over the world, and Hwasa was one of them.

Earlier, Kim Kardashian appeared as a model for the new collection of her underwear brand Skims and luxury brand Fendi. She posed in lingeries, bodysuits and padding jumpers which were jointly designed by herself and designer Kim Jones.

Kim Kardashian is estimated to have more than 1 trillion won in assets with her own brands “KKW Beauty” and “Skims”. She has been listed as a billionaire by American business magazine Forbes.

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