Parasite actress Park So Dam’s appearance and dense schedule before the announcement of having cancer

Fans are extremely worried about Park So Dam’s health after she announced that she has papillary thyroid cancer.

The news that actress Park So Dam had papillary thyroid cancer at the age of 30 is shocking the public.  According to the management company, Park So Dam discovered the disease during a routine health check and underwent surgery as prescribed by the doctor. Currently, the actress is in the process of resting and focusing on recovering her health.

Before completely disappearing on social networks about half a month ago, Park So Dam worked with an extremely tight schedule. Daily activities or work are constantly updated by the actress on her personal Instagram page. In addition to her acting expertise, the beauty of Parasite also constantly goes to shows, shoots magazines, acts as a travel ambassador… Looking at these fresh images, no one thinks that the actress is sick. Now, fans hope Park So Dam will rest well to recover quickly.

Park So Dam schedule having cancer
During that time, the actress also starred in the movie Special Cargo…
Park So Dam schedule having cancer
… And in the play The Student and Mr.Henry.  Looking at Park So Dam’s radiant appearance at that time, no one would think that she was suffering from cancer

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