Netizens Shocked by IU’s Bold Bleached Hair and “Comeback Hint”

On the afternoon of January 11, before departing for a Fashion Show in Milan, Italy, IU had a “photo time” at the Incheon International Airport.

On this day, IU appeared with a bold bleached hair color that takes on a hint of pink, capturing attention. IU’s innocent and lovely fairy-like beauty, accentuated by bright hair and even bleached eyebrows, caught the eye.


Fans on-site and online netizens are expressing surprised reactions to IU’s unexpected transformation. Online, videos uploaded by IU and fans who met her on-site are further fueling the buzz.

In one video, when asked, “What happened to your hair?” IU replied, “It’s approaching,” hinting at a comeback and intensifying fans’ heated interest. 


IU, who has been preparing for a new album since last year, is heightening expectations by sharing news of the final stages of her new song.

Netizens are eagerly anticipating IU’s comeback, commenting with enthusiasm such as “Pink hair suits her so well,” “I guess something big is coming,” “Can’t wait to see her comeback activities,” “Really looking forward to the comeback,” and “Curious about the concept.”

Source: Nate

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