Breaking Taboos, SHINee Taemin’s Bold Stage with Hand Inside Clothes

Lee Chanhyuk felt embarrassed during the challenge with Taemin

On November 3rd, the KBS 2TV variety show ‘The Seasons – AKMU’s Early Morning and Late Night’ featured singer Taemin as a guest.

On this day, Taemin talked about his solo song ‘Guilty.’ He said, “People find attraction in breaking taboos. I’m an idol, but I thought about what would be permissible if people said it seemed impossible, so I added movements that seem to put hands inside clothes and squeeze the neck” as he described the choreography.

Following this, there was a challenge stage featuring Taemin and Lee Chanhyuk. Taemin filled the stage with a dazzling performance reminiscent of the original stage, and Lee Chanhyuk followed along quite well.


However, when the two finished their performance, Lee Soohyun said, “Senior Taemin put his hand inside his clothes, so nobody could see Oppa,” and “It’s a pity, but it was a good thing for everyone,” making everyone burst into laughter.

Lee Chanhyuk responded, “It was the most embarrassing challenge among the ones I’ve done.

Recently, SHINee’s Taemin has ignited a heated discussion with his latest album release. Accordingly, this album has sparked controversy due to some images that are considered “sexualizing.”

Source: naver

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