Celebrity Police Officer Who Appeared On Various Programs Accused Of Sexual Harassment

The police officer has been fired

Jeonbuk Police Agency held a disciplinary committee on December 1st and announced that Lieutenant A was fired.

Lieutenant A has been indicted without detention on seven charges, including harassment, obstruction of the execution of hierarchical public officials, and violation of the Framework Act on Qualifications.

Lieutenant A is accused of molesting women who are members of the academic society he runs illegally, and arbitrarily issuing a private certificate that is not officially registered.

The incident arose when the victims appeared on a TV program to reveal about the action of Lieutenant A. They accused Lieutenant A of doing inappropriate actions to them on vehicles or the office. He was also accused of having someone ghostwrite his thesis.

The prosecution decided not to indict the remaining charges, including allegations of sexual assault filed against Lieutenant A. The prosecution explained that they did not prosecute due to the statute of limitations or insufficient evidence.


In response, Lieutenant A said in a police inspection investigation, “Some members with paranoia and delusions are lying. It’s unfair to me,” he said, completely denying the allegations.

When the incident broke out, the police removed Lieutenant A from his position.

Lieutenant A filed a complaint with the prosecution in September last year against the women who raised the accusations of his sexual violence, and the investigation is currently underway.

Source: wikitree

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