HYBE caused controversy for selling BTS’ album at a sky-high price

BTS’ “Proof” (Collector’s Collection) is priced at $276 (~297,000 won) and sales do not count towards the charts.

Recently, BigHit has announced the sale of the album “Proof” Collector’s Edition. Notably, this album has a rather high list price: 297,000 KRW ($275). According to Big Hit Music’s description, “You will feel BTS‘ identity throughout the album, from special contents including in-depth interviews with each member to introducing different compositions to represent BTS.” Besides, it is known that the album is released limitedly and that not counting sales towards the charts is a request from the company.

Fans immediately expressed anger because this is too high a price for an album. Many people think that HYBE is taking advantage of BTS’s reputation and treating fans like ATMs. Notably, this price does not include international shipping fees. Thus, depending on the region, the total amount of money fans have to pay may be higher.

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On the other hand, fans also criticized HYBE for going against their previous statement regarding environmental protection. Previously, HYBE stated that they will try to minimize the material in their newly released products in order to protect the environment. Specifically, the company tested the new ESG environmental strategy through the release of j-hope’s solo album “Jack In The Box”. When announcing the BTS member’s solo album, HYBE revealed that there won’t be a “physical” version of the album but would instead have a QR code and photocard. However, BTS’s upcoming special album has a 600-page photobook, completely different from the “reduce materials” statement they once made.

Currently, HYBE has not made a statement on the above controversy.

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