Kim Hee Sun’s education method for her daughter is so famous that Gangnam moms want to get close to her 

Actress Kim Hee Sun’s passionate education method became well-known in Gangnam. 

On February 13th, tvN’s “Free Doctor” shared stories about celebrities’ high-class children’s education.

kim hee sun

On this day’s broadcast, Oh Sang Jin announced, “The number one celebrity who taught her child well is Kim Hee Sun.”

In response, a reporter said, “Kim Hee Sun got married in 2007, and the following year gave birth to a daughter, Park Yeon Ah. Kim Hee Sun does not miss the parents’ meetings and acquires information faster than anyone else by communicating with parents to the extent that she exchanges cherished items at the bazaar held at her daughter’s school every spring.”

kim hee sun

Then, another entertainment reporter said, “There are so many parents of her age who want to be close to Kim Hee Sun. This is because she is quickly learning information on private education as well as entrance exam information. In her neighborhood, Kim Hee Sun is more famous as ‘Yeon Ah’s mother’ than actress Kim Hee Sun.”

Upon hearing this, Kim So Young asked, “Then, what is the level of your daughter’s academic ability?”, and the entertainment reporter replied, “I directly asked the CEO of Kim Hee Sun’s agency, right before I entered the recording, and was told that she is still good at studying.”

The entertainment reporter continued, “Yeon Ah took the gifted and talented test before the age of 6. She got a perfect score, or if she made a lot of mistakes, she only made one or two mistakes. She is innately smart. What’s even more enviable is that she’s the type to study on her own without being told,” adding to the surprise.

kim hee sun

In response, Hong Hyun Hee asked, “Is this the power of superior genes after all?”, and the reporter said, “The key to Kim Hee Sun’s education method is to create an environment for self-study. Yeon Ah attended Apgujeong G Kindergarten, which is actually a place with extreme difficulty. The tuition is about 2.2 million won a month, but there are separate social expenses and after-school tuition fees.”

Oh Sang Jin then asked, “What kind of education did Kim Hee Sun choose for her daughter?” The reporter said, “I heard that she chose the top-notch education course carefully selected in Gangnam. Yeon Ah is smart and polite, always at the top at a math academy in Daechi-dong.”

Upon hearing this, Kim So Young asked, “Is Yeon Ah still attending that academy?”, and the reporter revealed her current situation, saying, “Currently, she is studying abroad in Singapore. I heard that she is studying hard there as well.”

Source: Daum

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