“Visual shocked” by BTS’ appearance at the Louis Vuitton’s fashion show

BTSxLouisVuitton has become the hottest hashtag on social media right now.

On July 7, BTS attended Louis Vuitton Men Show 2021 in Seoul.  The 7 boys opened the show and immediately blew up the global social network thanks to their top-notch visuals and attractive charisma.  The hashtag #BTSxLouisVuitton is currently trending on all social media platforms.

The new-look of all 7 members made fans unable to take their eyes off.  All dressed up in luxurious costumes, showing off their visuals in the most expensive outfits. Meanwhile, Jungkook and J-Hope are the two most prominent members.  With short hair, the group’s golden maknae fully flaunts his superb face, but it is J-Hope that attracts attention with his spectacular visual thanks to his brand new platinum hair that makes fans crazy.

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Whether it’s short hair or long hair, the youngest member of BTS is attractive. His new short hair highlights Jungkook’s mannered face, sharp jawline, and high-nose.
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J-Hope’s facial contours are a mixture of masculinity and tenderness, causing every fangirl to go crazy
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Many netizens commented that V exudes elegance and extremely powerful, a little cold and attractive
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bts v 189084309049 683x1024


jimin bts 820480820840
The unisex beauty of male idol is very popular with fangirls. Wearing luxurious glasses, Jimin is even more attractive


bts jin 90239012940
Jin possesses flawlessly glossy skin, a high nose, warm eyes and extremely sexy thick lips
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suga 8038018039013
No fan can ignore Suga’s cold, glamorous look. Blue hair makes the mallele idol’s visual more prominent


bts rm 8108301803801
RM is as beautiful as an elegant gentleman with a high-end suit
bts rm 910294090 683x1024

Source: K14

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