American singer Salem Ilese teased her collaboration with LE SSERAFIM, sign of a comeback?

This surprising collaboration news blew fans away as a potential comeback. 

On August 16th, singer and songwriter Salem Illese appeared on the radio show “GOT7 Youngjae’s Close Friend” and shared her thoughts upon her visit to Korea: “Seoul is a beautiful and wonderful place”. The owner of a popular hit “Mad At Disney” also mentioned her opportunities to collaborate with K-pop stars, most surprisingly with a girl group from HYBE in the future. 

Accordingly, the female singer revealed she had a scheduled meeting with LE SSERAFIM the following day and spilled about their upcoming project: “I am excited to have a meeting with LE SSERAFIM tomorrow. We have been working on an upcoming track and will work on a special video. That will be so much fun”. While there has yet to be any official announcement, fans are eager for LE SSERAFIM’s comeback after their debut in May. 

Salem Ilese
Salem Ilese revealed information about her collaboration with LE SSERAFIM in an unreleased track. 

This is especially a dream come true for the group’s oldest member Sakura. In 2020, during her activities with IZ*ONE, when asked of which artist she wanted to work with, she wrote Salem Ilese in her MelOn TMI. Hence, fans show their joy and place their hopes for the next collaboration. 

This is likely to be LE SSERAFIM’s first comeback after their debut in May. 

At the radio show, Salem Ilese also recalled her meeting with boy group TXT. Not only a co-songwriter for their track “Anti-Romantic”, the American singer also released “PS5” with TXT that featured producer Alan Walker. “That was my honor to work with them. They breathed life into the song by harmonizing with one another. I hope I can meet them again in Korea”, said the artist. Salem also teased she was also a “hardcore fan” of BLACKPINK and wanted to collaborate with the YG’s girl group. 

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