The Korean artist who beat Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran to become No.1 in YouTube subscribers

BLACKPINK has the most subscribed YouTube channel of any artist in the world.


As of March 22nd, the number of subscribers on BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel is confirmed to be about 73 million. This is the highest number of subscribers a channel by a music act, including domestic and foreign artists, could achieve.

BLACKPINK launched their YouTube channel in June 2016. The number of subscribers began to increase sharply after BLACKPINK dropped their first full-length album “THE ALBUM” in June 2020. Since then, the number of subscribers has been steadily rising with the release of the members’ solo songs and group videos.

BLACKPINK beat all the famous foreign artists to become the No.1 most subscribed artist in the history of YouTube. 

Earlier, BLACKPINK said through their reps YG Entertainment, “We can’t believe it. It’s a miraculous moment that BLINKs made. We want to share this glory with fans around the world who always love and support us.” 


They added, “As it is the result of our achievements together with the fans, we hope that BLINKs will share this joy with us as well. We will continue to become an artist who provides positive energy through good music and videos.”

In the rankings of world’s most subscribed artists on YouTube, BLACKPINK is followed by Justin Bieber (68 million subscribers), BTS (64.8 million subscribers), Marshmellow (54.9 million subscribers), and Ed Sheeran (51.4 million subscribers). 

The global influence of K-pop can be fully felt from the fact that two Korean groups are in the Top 3. 

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