KARA’s Heo Young-ji wears black-pink outfits+talks about her sexy Water Bomb appearance despite being traditional

Heo Young-ji also talked about her ideal type in her latest YouTube show appearance

On September 21st, a video was posted on the YouTube channel “nobacktak,” titled “Heo Young-ji, the youngest member of KARA who stands out in the comedy world rather than in the music industry EP.70.”

The host Tak Jae-hoon looked at Heo Young-ji’s black outfit and asked, “Did you come out of a funeral?” causing laughter. When Heo Young-ji stood up, saying, “It’s pink underneath,” Shin Jae-jin laughed by saying, “It’s black-pink.”

Heo Young-ji

Heo Young-ji debuted in 2014 as a new member of the group KARA. Another host, comedian Shin Sae-jin expressed his gratitude, saying, “Young-ji always opened the door to the ‘Comedy Big League’.”

When asked of her ideal type, Heo Young-ji replied, “Someone who works hard,” adding “When I go somewhere, people ask so many questions about my ideal type. The question is always what kind of people I would like if not a celebrity, but I haven’t thought about it,” she confessed.

Mentioning her Water Bomb appearance, Young-ji said, “I was originally a ‘Confucian girl’ who didn’t show my body. I thought I’d give it a try, but it turned out pretty. I put too much blush on my face. To look lovely.”

Heo Young-ji

When Tak Jae-hoon joked, “I think you are a bit of a diva,” Heo Young-ji laughed, saying, “I’ve never heard of this before.”

Next, Heo Young-ji shared about her YouTube channel with her announcer sister. When asked, “Who is prettier between the two?” she said, “I’m prettier.”

As for marriage, the idol said, “I don’t think about it yet. If KARA’s members gather and ask, “Who do you think will go first?” I think (Han) Seung-yeon will go first.”

Source: Sports Seoul

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