Girl group member after coming out as bisexual, “My girlfriend asked why I didn’t call myself a lesbian”

Ji Ae, a former member of the girl group Wassup, talked about her hardships after coming out.

Channel S’s program “Attack on Sisters” broadcast on February 21st, former Wassup member Ji Ae appeared as a guest and shared her concerns.

Ji Ae confessed, “Now I want to live a normal life. I love both men and women”, adding “I came out as bisexual. Because of that, they wrote a lot about me. There were too many articles”.


Regarding the reason she decided to come out, Ji Ae said, “Before I turned 25, I dated several men but all the relationships did not last over three months and I didn’t feel enough love. I wondered if it was love. When I was wondering if I was a person who cannot love, I met and asked a woman out. I watched a queer movie after meeting my first lover and there were so many bad comments in the review section. That’s why I posted it out of anger”, adding “I received about 3000 DMs. There were a lot of sexual jokes and curses, saying I’m ruining the country”.

Ji Ae suffered many difficulties as a bisexual. She said, “My ex-lover asked me, ‘Can’t you just say you’re a lesbian? Are you going to open your heart to men?’. I’m bisexual, then why should I call myself a lesbian? A bisexual can marry a man at any time. I’m thinking of dating a woman but marrying a man. However, I’m also thinking of living with my girlfriend. People of the same sex can’t get married.”

Ji Ae confessed that she feels like getting stuck in the middle because many LGBTQ people don’t accept her. Ji Ae said, “If I were an ordinary person, I think it would have been easier for me in work and related areas. After I stopped being an idol, some foreigners heard about the news that I came out and gave me good offers. I did a few solo fanmeetings and just before things went well, I got to know that the company I was working for is Christianity. No one told me about that. At that time, I thought if I joined this company I might get scammed so I decided to refuse.”


Ji Ae said that coming out is the hardest thing because it affected her work. She shared, “I really wanted to appear on entertainment shows, but I refused all the meetings and kept avoiding the chances. I’m getting all my courage to say everything for the first time.”

When asked for the reason she gathered her courage now, Ji Ae replied, “I keep saying that I’m bisexual, but I’m a coward who cannot reveal that at work. I think of doing Youtube and want to post something about bisexual relationships, but what if people at work see it? I’m working as a vocal trainer but I feel like I’m being fooled. I used to be very confident but my confidence keeps reducing.”

When asked about her family’s reactions, Ji Ae confessed, “My mother told me to meet a man. When we were on a drive, I said I couldn’t meet a guy and she understood me coolly”. She continued, “I talked to an acquaintance who is a devout Christian but that person said, ‘In my world, I can’t understand you’, adding, “I received lots of malicious comments. At that time, I think I wanted to be understood in a natural way”.

In response to Ji Ae’s concerns, Park Mi Sun said, “I’m from an older generation and  Christian. I hope you can be a little stronger. Nowadays, the world is not divided into only men and women. I was confused and I think people of our generation should be given time to accept things like that. Therefore, you have to stay strong”.

Source: Daum

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