“Chuang 2021” idol trainee suddenly revealed his romantic relationship with a famous influencer after coming out

A male trainee who appeared in the Chinese version of “Produce 101” introduced his boyfriend.

On September 6th, Liu Cong (21 years old), a male trainee from China’s Tencent TV audition program “Chuang 2021”, appeared with his boyfriend during a live broadcast on his SNS account and shared affectionate kisses on each other’s cheek.

ryu chong

Liu Cong’s boyfriend is influencer Chen Lv, who is two years older than Liu Cong, who has millions of followers. After publicizing their romantic relationship, the two posted many couple photos and their skinship moments on SNS.

However, the couple received negative responses from Chinese netizens. Shocked by the situation, Chen Lv said on his SNS, “I woke up today and looked at the real-time search. I didn’t know the controversy would become this big”.

ryu chong

He continued, “Love follows the direction of our hearts. We’ve spent a long time together, and I know the best what a person he is”, adding “I also don’t want to be criticized by passersby.

Liu Cong made his face known to the public after appearing in audition programs, such as “We Are Young” and “Chuang 2021”, with the dream of debuting as an idol.

Source: wikitree

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