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BTS’s V Showed Off Fancy Bracelet, Yoo Seung-ho “I don’t have one”

BTS’s V revealed the bracelet on his wrist, drawing admiration from “Running Man” members

In the latest episode of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man,” which aired on the afternoon of December 3rd, actor Yoo Seung-ho and BTS’s V appeared for a “Tazza Special.”

Before the full-fledged game, Ji Seok-jin asked, “Last time, when I ran out of caramel, I sold clothes and pants (for the game money), are you ready for that?” V said, “If I need to sell something…” raising his arms and showed off his wrist bracelet.

At first glance, the members saw the bracelet on V’s wrist. Yang Se-hyung exclaimed, “It’s worth 10,000-caramel pieces.”

On the other hand, Yoo Seung-ho touched his empty wrist while looking at V and said, “I don’t have one,” and Ji Seok-jin laughed, saying, “You should take off your top.”

Source: nate

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