BLACKPINK surpasses Maroon 5 to become the group with the most views on YouTube

Although it has been a year without a comeback or with any notable content, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has seen a significant spike in views.

According to the most recent YouTube data, BLACKPINK’s channel has received 18,655,670,612 views, surpassing the world-famous group Maroon 5’s record of 18,655,350,806 views. With this incredible milestone, four YG girls have become the group with the most-viewed YouTube channel on the planet.

This is a huge number beyond imagination compared to a group that has been active for nearly 5 years like BLACKPINK.  This achievement demonstrates that the four YG girls are proving their talent and attracting fans, as well as establishing a strong foundation in the music industry both domestically and overseas.

BLACKPINK has outperformed even their current best domestic competitor, BTS, with a total of 11,539,979,622 views on the YouTube channel BANGTANTV, which was created in 2012.

BLACKPINK’s Youtube account now has over 63.3 million subscribers. This is also the largest number of subscribers for a female artist at the present. BLINKs must be immensely proud of their idols for putting out such a noble effort, right?

Source: K14

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