Yoo In Na Confident in Singing Ability, Reveals IU Considers Her a Competitor

Yoo In-na conveyed her confidence in singing.

On the April 22nd episode of MBC’s “The Manager”, Yoo In Na appeared as a guest.

On the show, Yoo In Na and her manager showed off their unique chemistry while teasing each other. When her manager deliberately turned on the navigation system with Yoo In Na’s voice to tease her, she eventually said, “Turn it off” and made everyone laugh. 

The manager said, “I can only think of teasing her 24 hours a day,” and Yoo In Na complained, “I’m really fed up. Do you know how annoying it is?


In addition, her manager also mentioned “IU’s Palette,” which Yoo In Na recently appeared on. When Yoo In Na asked, “I saw comments asking for me doing a duet album with IU. Shouldn’t we look into it? Were there no offers for music shows?” the manager jokingly replied, “I asked, but they said it’s not possible.

Her manager also teased her by saying, “You wrote a self-composed poem saying that you’ll make IU cry, but did you cry instead?” To this, Yoo In Na reacted, “I cried so much while writing that.

However, the manager couldn’t understand Yoo In Na’s emotions and revealed that their MBTI personality types were completely opposite. Yoo In Na’s emotional changes are significant, as she is an “F,” while her manager is a realistic “T,” so they cannot understand each other. Her manager said that he calms her down every time her emotions fluctuate significantly.


Yoo In Na’s confidence in her singing ability continued. As a guest on the radio program “Lee Seok Hoon’s Brunch Café,” she smiled at a comment praising her singing ability and confessed, “I used to think that I was really good at singing.” 

Lee Seok Hoon then asked, “Who taught you, did IU teach you?” To this, Yoo In Na replied, “Actually, I recently sang on ‘IU’s Palette.’ It seems like IU thinks of me as a competitor,” and laughed.

After finishing her schedule, Yoo In Na visited her manager’s house and had a friendly conversation with his wife. Yoo In Na also asked her, “Did you watch ‘IU’s Palette’?” When his wife said that she did, she asked about how his wife felt about her singing. The panelists focused on Yoo In Na’s unique “pride in her singing” and said things like, “She only talks about singing” and “She’s an actor but she doesn’t ask about her dramas,” etc.

Source: Nate

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