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“Queendom 2” shocking result: Brave Girls went straight to 1st place, Hyolyn in 4th, Kep1er in last

Hyolyn, who had been at the top of the game all the time, finished last in the global vote of the third competition and fifth in the final rank.

In the 9th episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2” that aired on the evening of May 26th, the final ranking of the third round was revealed. The final ranking is calculated based on the combination of the self-evaluation, on-site evaluation, and global evaluation scores from the unit competition and the “FANtastic Queendom” stage.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Brave Girls topped the global vote. WJSN came in second. LOONA, VIVIZ, and Kep1er ranked third to fifth, while Hyolyn shockingly ranked sixth. This unexpected result surprised all teams on the filming set.

Hyolyn accepted this result, saying, “I think the reason is that I can’t put all my energy into one as I need to prepare three stages.” However, in the exclusive interview, she said, “What aspect of me that couldn’t move the hearts of the audience? What was I lacking?” expressing her frustration.

Brave Girls were then ranked No. 1 before including the on-site voting scores. However, there was no significant score difference between the rankings, and the final ranking could be changed as much as possible due to the on-site voting which was worth 9,000 points. LOONA came in 3rd place after receiving 11972 points. Hyolyn received 11810 points, ranking 5th in the final ranking. Kep1er came in last in the final ranking for the 3rd competition.

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