Sweet moments between Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain make netizens flutter!

Rain and Kim Tae Hee don’t mind giving each other sweet things even though they’ve been married for 6 years

Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee are the ideal models for a simple and long-lasting love story. Together for a decade and have two children, but the couple is still as happy together as when they first fell in love. Recently, netizens have discovered a series of sweet moments of the couple, both in daily life and when at work.

Bi Rain Kim Tae hee

Not long ago, a Chinese netizen posted an article on Weibo about the current Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s relationship. Accordingly, Kim Tae Hee always appears by Bi Rain’s side every time he has schedules. The actress has always silently supported her husband. After each hard filming session, the couple goes on a date. The passionate love of the golden couple makes everyone admire.

Bi Rain Kim Tae Hee
A Chinese blogger has pointed out all the times that Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain appeared together at each other’s workplaces.
Bi Rain Kim Tae Hee
Recently, Rain went to Jeju Island to record the show with Ciipher, Song Dong Il, and Go Chang Seok.
Bi Rain Kim Tae Hee
At the same time, Kim Tae Hee was also spotted on Jeju Island. Many people also realized that the photos the actress posted on social networks were taken by Rain. Some fans even caught the couple going on a date after their schedule
Bi Rain Kim Tae Hee
On April 2, fans also caught Bi Rain and his wife enjoying traditional Korean food in Gyeongju city.
Bi Rain Kim Tae Hee
Although being on a private date, the couple still happily signed autographs and interacted with fans
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