BTS ‘visual triangle’ drives fans crazy in new magazine photos

BTS Jin – V – Jung Kook gained attention thanks to their perfect appearance and aura in the backstage of Rolling Stone’s photoshoot.

On May 13, Rolling Stone announced that the cover face of the June issue is BTS.  The images of BTS appearing in this magazine were also revealed.

BTS is the first Asian artists in 54 years of history to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.  The special interview of each member and the set of photos will be gradually released in the coming days.

In the behind-the-scenes video of the filming on Rolling Stone, the visual trio V – Jin – Jung Kook made fans go crazy with their perfect beauty.  When standing close to each other, the three male idols look like three shining “princes”.


V has a masculine face with thick eyebrows and a high nose bridge.


V’s attractive face on the cover photo.


The harmonious lines of V and Jung Kook in the same frame make fans excited.


The combination of V and Jin‘s visual also makes fans unable to take their eyes off


Jin showed off his bright beauty when he had his hair swept back.


Jung Kook had a “bad boy” look

BTS jungkook

Handsome face, sharp facial features of BTS’s maknae


The male idol shines in every frame.

BTS jungkook

At the end of the photoshoot, Jungkook returned with his cute appearance.

Source: ione

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