Terms that only K-pop fans would understand the meanings

How long have you been a Kpop fan? If it’s long enough, are you confident that you can understand all of these “jargons”?

Being a Kpop fan, we not only can everyday admire beautiful girls and handsome boys who can sing and dance well but also have a chance to learn a lot of interesting things. There’s nothing Kpop fans can’t do, from watching entertainment shows in both Korean as well as English, to learning to cover idols’ choreography

Moreover, sometimes when idols suddenly create new and cool words during their conversation, Kpop fans immediately add those jargons to their vocabulary collection. That’s why there is a saying, the more you are a fan, the more vocabulary you have. Let’s see whether you are experienced enough to understand all of these terms

Yehet – Oh Sehun

EXO Sehun

In EXO’s Showtime aired in 2013, the maknae of EXO invented a super cool interjection “Yehet”. It’s not “Yeah Heh” or “Oh Yeah”, if EXO-Ls want to express your excitement, remember to scream “Yehet”!

If you’re not a Kpop fan, you’ll not understand these terms for sure
Remember to scream “Yehet” like Sehun whenever you are too excited!

Kkaebsong – Baekhyun

Same as his member, Baekhyun also created a new word for himself. Though it is now very popular, but at the beginning, nobody could understand its meaning. But the owner of “Kkaebsong” affirms that it is not meaningless. In Korean, “Kkaeb” means regret, Korean people usually use “akkapda” to express the same feeling

Baekhyun EXO

And according to Baekhyun’s extremely amazing diagram: akkapda -> akkaepda -> kkaepda -> kkaebsong, so “kkaebsong” was officially born to express the regret of this male idol.

If you’re not a Kpop fan, you’ll not understand these terms for sure
If you feel regret, scream loudly “Kkaebsong”!

Saranghaja – Suho

In Korean, “Saranghaja” is a grammatically incorrect sentence. But it is recognized and widely used in the whole fandom of EXO. This sentence which was created by Suho has a meaning of “Let’s love each other”, sending to all EXO’s fans and EXO-Ls. The group members often scream it out loud when they receive an award or before they do anything as a mental encouragement

EXO, suho, funny,Saranghaja

You Got No Jam – RM

bts, rap monster, rm, funny

This phrase is so famous that even if you are not an AMRY, you must hear it once. This is a legendary phrase of RM for Jimin to allude to his characteristic which is very “boring”. In Korea, Jaemi means interesting, when it is pronounced, it sounds same as Jam in English

BTS, RM, You got no jam
The unforgettable legendary meme of BTS

Therefore, when someone says “You got no jam” to you, they don’t mean that you have no jam, but that you are very boring and not interesting.

I am very Sehun – Sehun

EXO Sehun

In a night when Sehun was replying to his fans’ comments on Instagram, he suddely created a new word again. Everything started from a fan’s question: “How are you?”, and Sehun replied “Sehun”. It’s still unknown whether his eyes got some problems after replying to a number of comments that Sehun gave an irrelevant answer to such a simple question like this

EXO, sehun,funny
And this is how “I am very Sehun” was created

And EXO-Ls immediately consider “Sehun” as an adjective, using it in any cases to express both happiness, sorrow, indignation or interest. Hence, in the future, if you accidentally see the sentence “I am very Sehun”, consider the context to know how the talker is feeling

There are just some words, but they are enough to make you crazy and have a headache, right? However, if you are already used to it, this is just a very simple level. Based on your understanding of these terms, you are an experienced or a new fan in Kpop fandoms?

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