BTS Suga: “BIGBANG practically made BTS“

Latest remarks of BTS member Suga about senior group BIGBANG are drawing huge attention from fans.

As legendary boy groups from 2 different generations of Kpop, it is intriguing to see BIGBANG and BTS side by side. In addition, behind the spotlight, the members of each group are actually close friends. However, due to the competitive nature of the Kpop industry, signs of such friendships are rarely seen, and fans of the two groups aren’t exactly on friendly terms. Their tension was only somewhat assuaged with the release of BIGBANG Taeyang’s collaboration with BTS Jimin, “VIBE”. 

On top of this, Taeyang also appeared as a guest on BTS Suga’s personal talk show, drawing huge attention. 

Taeyang Suga
Taeyang Suga
Taeyang discussed his life, career, and latest release in BTS Suga’s talk show

On January 18th (KST), the episode of Suga’s talk show feature Taeyang was released, and here, Suga expressed his admiration towards BIGBANG. In particular, the male idol said that BIGBANG were musicians he aspired to be like as a kind, that BTS members all loved BIGBANG, and that “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that BIGBANG practically made BTS.”

Taeyang Suga

Suga’s sincere sharing has made many BIGBANG fans happy.  As pioneers of Kpop, BIGBANG must be extremely proud to be the inspiration for the global group BTS. This affirmation of Suga is also a response to the recent controversy regarding the collaboration between Jimin and Taeyang. In particular, some anti fans said that Taeyang was taking advantage of Jimin’s global fame. 

Taeyang Jimin
Taeyang and Jimin had a legendary collaboration

Besides, when asked if he would continue to release an album, Taeyang answered that he really wanted to but had to put it off because he still had to work with the group.  Taeyang’s revelation seemed to signal that BIGBANG would make another comeback after Still Life, making fans excited.

Bigbang-Still Life
Will BIGBANG make another comeback after Still Life?
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