Ji Chang-wook And Shin Hye-sun Don’t Think They Can Go Back To Their Ex “Life Is Not Like Dramas”

Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun put themselves in the situation of “Welcome to Samdal-ri.”

On December 1st, an online press conference for JTBC’s new Saturday and Sunday drama “Welcome to Samdal-ri” was held with the participation of director Cha Young-hoon and lead actor and actress Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun.

“Welcome to Samdal-ri” is a romantic drama in which Samdal (played by Shin Hye-sun) fails in life and returns to the arms of her hometown, where there is a stream at the foot of Hallasan Mountain. There she meets Yongpil (Ji Chang-wook), who has cherished and protected the stream.

In this event, the two stars were asked whether they could actually came back to an ex eight years after breaking up like in the drama.

Ji Chang-wook replied, “It depends on how you broke up. Isn’t reality and drama a little different?” adding “Considering the situation in ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’, I think it’s possible, but I don’t think it’s possible for my personal reasons.”

ji chang wook

“When I watch the drama, there are reasons for the characters’ situation and inevitable separation. If it’s because of that, I think I can take my ex back.”

Shin Hye-sun replied, “I agree with Ji Chang-wook,” adding, “Looking back on my life, I think it’s impossible for me, so our drama seems to be a fantasy.”

“Welcome to Samdal-ri” will air on JTBC at 10:30 PM on the 2nd.

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