“Street Woman Fighter” Rozalin got exposed for scamming 2.9-million-won lesson fee in the past

Dancer Rozalin, who is starring in “Street Woman Fighter”, is drawing attention for being exposed of a scam.

On September 29, an article was posted on NatePann titled, “I’m here to expose dancer Rozalin from WANT team in Street Woman Fighter”, and immediately became a hot topic.

Street Woman Fighter Rozalin

According to the post, the author, A, asked this “Street Woman Fighter” dancer to help this person with the entrance exam last year. However, A didn’t get a lesson nor a refund of the lesson fee.

Although A didn’t mention the dancer’s real name exactly, anyone can recognize who that dancer is thanks to the hints of the initial consonants stated in the title. That’s Rozalin.

Street Woman Fighter Rozalin

According to A, she decided to pursue dancing and was preparing for a high school’s entrance exam so she searched for a dance lesson. Then, on March 24, A contacted Rozalin directly and asked for her help with the entrance exam. At that time, A paid a fee of 2.9 million won in total for the lesson. Afterward, after adjusting her schedule with Rozalin’s several times, the lesson was decided to start in July. However, A didn’t receive any lessons. At the end of June last year, A’s parents called Rozalin and said, “We already made the deposit 3 months ago, so why didn’t you proceed with the entrance exam lesson?”

Then A shared, “Rozalin was offended by my parents because of their sudden call, and my parents were also angry at her words and attitude, so they had a quarrel during the call. Eventually, Rozalin said, ‘Then what should I do? Should I refund you?’ and proceeded with the refund. Later on, Rozalin told me, ‘I’ve already created an entrance exam workplan, and I’ve spent a lot of time and hard work in creating it. Therefore, I cannot refund all the lesson fees. I will only refund you 500.000 won. However, until now, I haven’t got even that 500.000 won yet.”

In addition, A continued to contact Rozaline and ask for a refund but didn’t receive any answer. At the end, when A couldn’t stand the situation anymore, she asked Rozaline for a full refund in May, and the dancer replied, saying she couldn’t refund the fee.

Street Woman Fighter Rozalin

In this regard, A also released their DM messages and the Kakaotalk messages conversations with Rozalin. In A’s message asking for a lesson fee refund, Rozalin expressed her displeasure and said, “I already paid the rental fee, and no teacher would give a refund for the rental, so don’t argue like this. I have nothing to tell you.”

Finally, A explained the reason why she decided to expose Rozalin, saying, “For more than a year, my parents thought about my future career as a dancer and endured everything. However, it’s not about the money, but I don’t think it is a good way to treat myself and my parents who care for me and just pass on the dancer’s action an attitudes that seem never to change.”

The public is paying attention to what Rozalin will say about the controversy.

Source: Nate

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