“Top idol visual” Yoona shows off her gorgeous daily life beauty in a photobooth 

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona boasted her unchanging visuals in photos taken inside a booth machine. 

On June 17th, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona posted a new daily life vlog on her personal YouTube channel, revealing how she celebrated her birthday. She went to take photos at a photo booth machine where fans had prepared a special Yoona’s birthday four-photo frame as a gift to her. 


Yoona naturally posed in front of her camera like a pro idol and showed off her pretty visuals. The cute and playful expressions highlight her adorable charm in every photo. After she took the photos, she made sure the birthday frame fans prepared was applied. 

In the video, Yoona also expressed her gratitude to the fans who prepared various birthday events for her, saying, “I came here because I was told my fans prepared this for me as a birthday present. The day is almost over. So, I couldn’t make it to places where events are already over. I had some free time today, so I’ve been visiting places secretly. There are places I haven’t been able to go to. I know that some of you are disappointed, but I’ve been paying attention.”


Source: dispatch

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