aespa’s Giselle Dives into “Single’s Inferno” Dex and TWICE Sana’s Relationship – What’s the Real Story?

aespa Giselle recently had a candid conversation with Dex, a participant on “Single’s Inferno,” regarding his feelings towards TWICE’s Sana

Dex (real name Kim Jin Young) has opened up multiple times about his admiration for TWICE’s Sana. He expressed that Sana’s combination of sexiness and cuteness makes her his ideal type. This is a crush that developed while he was enlisting.

kim jin young dex

The long-awaited meeting between Dex and Sana finally happened in September this year when she appeared as a guest on his YouTube content, “Dex’s Fridge Interview.” During the encounter, their mutual admiration for each other was evident.

In a recent episode of Dex’s show, where aespa’s Giselle appeared as a guest, the conversation took an interesting turn. As part of an activity, they had to address various “rumors” and clarify whether they were true or not.

aespa giselle

Giselle, not one to shy away from the juicy details, directly questioned Dex about his current situation with Sana. Surprisingly, Dex revealed that they had not been in contact. 

Giselle pressed further, asking why, and Dex explained that he considers himself just a fan and doubts he would receive a response if he personally contacted Sana.

Undeterred, Giselle continued diving into the topic. Dex turned the table around and asked Giselle about her ideal type. Giselle confessed that she and Sana actually share the same ideal type in a man. She elaborated on her preferences, and amusingly, Dex seized the opportunity to flirt, claiming he perfectly fit Giselle’s standards.

Source: Koreaboo

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