The bakery house where BTS Suga visited… 260,000 won worth of bread for 4 people

“Lined Up Restaurants” members had to pay a whopping 250,000 won at a bakery, surprising viewers.

tvN’s entertainment show “Lined Up Restaurants” aired on Dec 5th.

On this day, the members arrived at the bakery house where BTS Suga visited. It is said that celebrities such as Lee Je Hoon, Song Kang and Lee Jin Wook also visited here. However, there were 47 teams on standby even before the opening, so they were in a situation where they had to give up waiting.

Park So Hyun thumbnail

The more they knew, the more curious they became. Small eater Park So Hyun also waited in line, saying, “I want to eat.” The members were finally inside.

While the European bakery’s interior caught the eye, Park So Hyun immediately found the place where BTS Suga sat.

Park So Hyun

Then, when paying, it came out as 254,000 won. Everyone was bewildered, “We can’t believe we have to pay 260,000 won worth of bread for 4 people.” The four tasted the bread amid such high anticipation. They were thrilled, “We can feel an unusual yet Korean taste.” It was a taste that made them stand in line again. Park So Hyun was also satisfied, “It’s so delicious.” She said “I can eat one more” and actively started a mukbang (eating show).

On the other hand, tvN’s entertainment show “Lined Up Restaurants” is a high-quality hip-hop exploration program that searches for the real thing among famous waiting restaurants. It airs every Monday at 7:40 PM.

Source: Nate

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