BLACKPINK’s Jennie Hinted At being Hindered from Activities by YG?

A recent remark of BLACKPINK’s Jennie regarding her activities under YG has garnered quite the amount of attention.

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Jennie appeared on the show “Pinggyego”. After her contract with YG Entertainment expired, Jennie continuously received invitations to participate in reality shows, from being a guest on “Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet” to becoming a member of TV program “404 Department”. 

On “Pinggyego”, Jennie had the opportunity to chat with her seniors and drew attention by revealing upcoming plans.

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Notably, fans have noticed an alleged “underlying message” behind Jennie’s remarks. In particular, the female idol mentioned focusing mainly on group activities over the past 7 years. 

She also expressed her wish to expand individual schedules alongside projects with BLACKPINK, saying, “In the future, I will continue promoting with BLACKPINK while also finding my own musical color and pursuing personal activities. I also think a lot about balancing what fans want and what the public wants. I want to try things I couldn’t do in the past 7 years.”

As a result, many fans believe that this confession subtly hinted at YG having hindered Jennie’s activities.

In the past, fans have often been dissatisfied with YG for “hindering” BLACKPINK, citing sparse comebacks and the group’s severe lack of songs despite having debuted for 7 years. Many also believe that Jennie’s solo career “took off” right after leaving YG.

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Despite being an outspoken person who always makes waves whenever she appears on television, Jennie seldom made public appearances under YG. Meanwhile, the moment Jennie took charge of her own individual activities, the female idol has been appearing left and right on TV shows, proving that there has never been any lack of offer but rather YG limiting Jennie’s appearances. 

On the other hand, the same shows also had Jennie sharing about the progress of her first album. In particular, Jennie mentioned that besides appearing on TV shows, her current priority is making music. She spends most of her time in the studio, working diligently to perfect everything.

Jennie recently set a record of 1 billion views for her debut MV “SOLO.”

Recently, Jennie also achieved 1 billion views for her solo debut MV “SOLO”. This new achievement, right before her comeback, holds even more significance, making fans proud.

Source: K14

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