No.1 Hot Search: Chinese netizens mock Du Meidzu for posting a status as Kris Wu stands trial 

Kris Wu’s alleged victim and accuser Du Meidzu was mocked for her newest update on Chinese SNS site Weibo. 

On June 10, 2022, the People’s Court of Chaoyang District finally announced the trial of Kris Wu for charges of rape and further promiscuous activities. Right after this news, victim and accuser of Kris Wu, Du Meidzu, took to Weibo with a status consisting solely of a praying emoji, as if expressing her satisfaction for successfully knocking the male star off his high horses. 

Du Meidzu

However, this move by Du Meidzu soon came under fire from Chinese netizens. According to these people, while Kris Wu deserved to be punished for his crimes, Du Meidzu was not so innocent either, and also tried to garner clout from the issue. Several even went as far as to call Du Meidzu a conniving snake, who probably also blackmailed Kris Wu and “set him up” after not being given what she wanted. 

wu yi fan

This harsh reaction was probably prompted by an audio recording that was spreaded on Chinese SNS previously, which allegedly featured Du Meizdu, alongside her friends Li En and Liu Meili. 

In this leaked audio, a female voice, said to be Du Meizdu, was saying that Kris Wu never had intercourse with underage girls. However, she’d blackmail Kris Wu to extort money from him. 

Du Meizhu

Below are several comments from netizens regarding the case: 

  • [+15k likes] It takes two to tango. Kris Wu was sent to prison because of his crime, but Du Meizdu is acting like a Mary Sue. She’s probably not so innocent and should also be investigated. 
  • [+3400 likes] Just saying, I feel that Du Meizdu is not as simple and innocent as everyone has been thinking. 
  • [+12k likes] What kind of post was that? Du Meizdu, you are just not so much better than Kris Wu. You think the internet is stupid or something? Posting something like that, are you that much of an attention wh*re?
  • [+8881 likes] Lol Du Meizdu will try to enter the entertainment industry after this, just mark my words. 
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