Handsome actors Song Kang and Takanori Iwata talked about how surprisingly similar they are

Actor Song Kang had a special chat with Japanese actor Takanori Iwata.

Song Kang is currently acting as Lee Si-woo in the JTBC drama “Forecasting Love and Weather.” Japanese singer and actor Takanori Iwata played Haruto in the Netflix drama “Fishbowl Wives,” which is currently being broadcast.

Both have one thing in common: they played the role of a younger man falling in love with the older female protagonist in the drama. In addition, both of them are called “Kangjjang” in Japan.

Netflix unveiled a special chat between the two actors who are both appearing in romance dramas at the same time. The two talked about various things, from acting to self-management and leisure time.


Iwata asked Song Kang, “What do you care about when you act in a romance production?” and Song Kang said, “It’s about creating synergy by working with our partner.” “I try to talk to the person who plays the other role a lot and share my feelings as much as possible when I act the scene,” he replied.

In response, Iwata also expressed sympathy, saying, “Depending on the work, it can be a fight against time, so I think communication is important on set so that I can do a good work within a set time.”

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Song Kang asked Iwata to “tell me the secret to acting that can make the other person flutter,” and Iwata said, “I’m studying how I look. For example, look for an angle that looks sad or attractive objectively. I always pay attention to my facial expressions and gestures because even a blink of an eye makes sense in the video,” he replied.

Song Kang then said, “When I act with emotions, I think about the situation and focus on my emotions while listening to music. In what way do you get your emotions?” Iwata answered, “I’ve tried listening to music, too. When I started acting, I was so bad at crying. So I used to think of sad things in my head until the shoot, making it easier to act like I was crying”. “Now I can bring out my feelings in response to the mood of the role or the acting of the other character on set,” he explained.

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Song Kang said, “You mean we have to take “our raw feelings” seriously, right? Originally, I read the script carefully and started filming after creating (emotions), but now I can prepare 80% and get the remaining 20% according to the counterpart on set.”. “I think about how to express it differently every time I get a take,” he agreed.

Iwata said, “I prepare according to the procedures before filming, and if I discover a better direction during rehearsals, I do something different in actual filming”.”Even if you practice dozens of times at home, you have a counterpart on set, and it’s completely different when the camera turns. I’m always looking for various expressions or thinking about them. On the contrary, as I think realism is important, I think it’s important not to be swayed by anything happening in real life while filming,” he said.

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At the end of the conversation, Song Kang said, “I thought we would think differently because of the different environments and nationalities we grew up in, but I really enjoyed it because there were many things that us people who were doing the same thing could sympathize with. I liked it because we have things in common.”

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