“The Golden Spoon” Yeon Woo: “Dating rumors with Lee Min Ho? A misunderstanding, only got close while playing games”

“The Golden Spoon” Yeon Woo once again explained her dating rumor with actor Lee Min Ho.

On the morning of Nov 14th, Yeon Woo had an interview with reporters at her agency 9Ato Entertainment’s office in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to talk about MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon.”

“The Golden Spoon” is a drama about a child from a poor family who accidentally changes his fate with a friend born in a rich family after finding a golden spoon. Yeon Woo played the role of Oh Yeo Jin, a character who changed her life with the golden spoon.


Unlike Oh Yeo Jin, who is full of ambition for success in her life, Yeon Woo is more lively and cute. She also has an interesting side where she enjoys playing PC games such as League of Legends, PUBG, and Overwatch as a hobby.

Especially for Yeon Woo, gaming is an indispensable hobby. Yeon Woo shared, “I play a lot of games when I rest. I used to play a lot of LOL (League of Legends), PUBG, and Overwatch, but I have reduced my gaming time. Now I’m told to study acting more than playing games,” she said with a smile. “However, I started to play a lot again after filming ‘The Golden Spoon’. I don’t think my skills are bad among my acquaintances,” she proudly said.

Due to her love for gaming, something has happened. Rumors of a romantic relationship arose as she became close with actor Lee Min Ho while playing games together. Although both sides quickly denied it, dating rumors of Yeon Woo and Lee Min Ho have been one of the hottest keywords recently. Yeon Woo explained with a smile, saying, “There was a misunderstanding. I was so shocked because it was my first time experiencing something so big in my life,” and added, “As I said in the article at first, the rumors are not true. My head hurt so bad that morning.”

Yeon Woo lee min ho

She then added, “Recently, I’m hooked on a game called PuppyRed that allows you to decorate your virtual world like Zepeto. I used to play it a lot in the past, but it is re-released recently, so I’m hooked on it again. It’s on mobile, but none of my high school friends know about it, so it’s a shame that no one sees what I do even if I spend money to decorate my world,” she said shyly.

Yeon Woo also said, “I like games, but I’m not good enough to play against professional gamers at all. Personally, I respect professional players like Faker, I think they are cool. Last time, I was with Super Junior Kim Hee Chul because of the show “Yu Hee Nak Rak,” and I felt that he had very good gaming sense. On League of Legends, my tier is about Gold 1 or 2.”

Source: Nate

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