NCT 127/WayV Winwin established a personal studio in China for his actor activities

Winwin, a member of WayV, established a workshop for activities in China.

On September 30th, an official from Winwin’s company SM Entertainment told YTN star, “It is true Winwin created a personal studio. Winwin established a personal work studio for his activities as an actor in China, and his WayV activities will continue as well.”

With the establishment of a studio in China, the NCT/WayV member will actively promote his personal activities in this market. It is known that Winwin has been in China since the beginning of this year. Previously, another SM idol, EXO’s Lay, also set up his own studio in China.

Winwin, whose real name is Dong Sicheng, is a Chinese singer, dancer, and rapper born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang on October 28, 1997. He is the lead dancer, sub-vocal, and the sub-rapper in NCT 127NCT U and WayV.

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