BTS’s Translator Explains Why He Doesn’t Want to Translate RM’s Letter to Fans Before His Military Service 

On December 11, BTS’s RM began his military service alongside V, fulfilling their mandatory duty.

Before his departure, RM penned a lengthy letter to ARMYs, sharing his cherished memories as a BTS member and expressing his candid thoughts about the upcoming 18 months.

The emotional impact of the letter resonated deeply, but many fans highlighted the complexity of the original Korean text, making an accurate English translation challenging. Some fans sought the translation expertise of Anton Hur, the translator of BTS’s memoir, “Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record Of BTS.”

Anton Hur

However, Hur expressed hesitancy about translating the letter, indicating a misalignment with his general stance on South Korea’s military service. He described his sentiments as “incredibly ambivalent,” influenced by his personal encounters.

Hur then shared a distressing account of his own military service, marked by a severe injury resulting from a construction accident that destroyed two vertebrae and all his heel bones. His survival, without more severe physical consequences, was deemed a miraculous outcome by his doctor.

bts rm v military

Critically, Hur rebuked South Korean politicians for their failure to acknowledge and respect Korean artists, particularly BTS, as the true “soft power” of the country. He also denounced their refusal to grant military exemptions to BTS members.

Furthermore, he criticized the government for its consistent inability to resolve the enduring conflict between North and South Korea, which has persisted in a ceasefire for 70 years. Hur argued that the nation’s youth bear the consequences of this unresolved situation.

Source: KB

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