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BTS Jungkook’s doppelganger? All “Single’s Inferno 2” casts resembles top celebrities

The cast of “Single’s Inferno 2” are being compared to various celebrities, from Nam Joo Hyuk, Joy, to BTS Jungkook!

With 4 episodes aired, the Netflix dating show “Single’s Inferno 2” is drawing a lot of attention with its gorgeous cast members that look no less stunning than top celebrities. In fact, netizens even found similar stars to each cast member that have appeared so far. 

First, Park Se Jeong is said to be a combination of the “nation’s first love” Suzy and LE SSERAFIM Kazuha. Unfortunately, while her innocent visuals is super pleasant to the eyes, she hasn’t made any guy fall for her. 

Park Se Jeong
Park Se Jeong is said to be a combination of Suzy and LE SSERAFIM Kazuha

In the first 2 episodes, Kim Han Bin was also not selected by any girl. However, by episode 4, he has finally earned the attention of his crush, the “Miss Korea” Choi Seo Eun.

Kim Han Bin
nam joo hyuk thumbnail
Kim Han Bin is compared to actor Nam Joo Hyuk

Shin Dong Woo, who boasts the most muscular physique among “Single’s Inferno 2” male cast, finally revealed his background in episode 3. As it turns out, he is a plastic surgeon who used to participate in the 2021 Mister Global and won first place. 

Single’s Inferno
Shin Dong Woo resembles famous singer-songwriter Crush

Meanwhile, Shin Seul Ki is Choi Jong Woo’s sole object of affection, though she continuously turned down his advances. According to information found on social media, Choi Jong Woo is a former football player and barista. Now, he is currently working as a freelance model. 

Choi Jong Woo
Netizens find Choi Jong Woo similar to ENHYPEN members Jake and Heeseung

The most “faithful” girl in “Single’s Inferno 2” so far is none other than Lee So E. She has been approaching Yoong Jae since episode 1, though he doesn’t seem interested in her. 

Single's Inferno
chae soo bin
Lee So E and actress Chae Soo Bin can be siblings!

Shin Seul Ki, who is the hottest girl in the show with multiple guys chasing after her, has allegedly been through only one relationship. It is said that she bears a cute yet sexy charm that resembles IVE Jang Won Young. 

Single's Inferno
Ive jang won young Genie Music Awards 2022
Shin Seul Ki is said to have similar vibes with IVE member Jang Won Young

In the latest episode, Lee Nadine successfully earned the chance to go to the “paradise island” with Shin Dong Woo. She shares a lot of similarities with Filipino model Lou Yanong.

Single's Inferno
Lee Nadine and model Lou Yanong look like “doppelgangers”

Jo Yoong Jae is the male member that has earned the most attention so far. He is currently working for a famous finance and stock corporation in Korea. 

Yoong Jae
Some viewers compare Yoong Jae to 2PM Taecyeon, while others believe he looks like SEVENTEEN Mingyu

Within just 4 episodes, Choi Seo Eun has gone to “paradise island” with 2 different guys. Her sweet and lively visuals are somewhat similar to that of Red Velvet Joy. 

Choi Seo Eun
Choi Seo Eun resembles Red Velvet Joy, especially when she smiles

Finally, Kim Jin Young just arrived at “Single’s Inferno”, and yet bears strong chances of rocking the boat. So far, he has won the tugging game against other male cast members, and dined with 2 female members in just one episode. His permed hair and stunning appearance is being compared with BTS Jungkook.

Kim Jin Young
bts jungkook thumbnail
The new “Single’s Inferno 2” member is BTS Jungkook’s “doppelganger”?

Source: k14, Netflix

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