Sandara Park’s Ex-Lover Is A Celebrity? “We Ran Away After Seeing Cheetah During Our Secret Date”

Sandara Park revealed an anecdote about her love story in the past

The October 20th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” featured Bbaek Ga as DJ and the guest appearances of singers Sandara Park and Cheetah.

On the broadcast, Kim Tae-gyun said, “I heard Cheetah once became a big obstacle to Dara’s romantic relationship”.

Sandara Park

Recalling the past, Sandara Park said, “Cheetah might not know this”, adding “After doing cyber love for a while, we decided to meet for the first time at Gyeongridan Street”. According to Sandara Park, she and her ex-lover wore long padded jackets and masks. They did not visit any restaurants because they were afraid that people would recognize them when they took off their masks.

Kim Tae-gyun asked if the public would recognize her ex-boyfriend if he took off his mask, Sandara Park did not answer the question and continued her story. She said, “Anyways, we suddenly smelled something very delicious”, adding “Someone was baking sweet potatoes nearby so we decided to go buy some”.

However, it turned out that Cheetah was the person who sold those baked sweet potatoes. Cheetah also confirmed that she sells baked sweet potatoes every winter to earn profits for donations.

Kim Tae-gyun wondered if Sandara Park and Cheetah already knew each other at that time. In response, Sandara Park said the two were already close friends but they did not tell each other about the existence of their boyfriends. She added, “We didn’t get caught. As soon as we saw her, we ran away and starved ourselves”.

On the radio, Cheetah also explained the reason she hosts live broadcasts SNS every time she sells baked sweet potatoes. Sandara Park worriedly asked, “Did I get caught running away on livestream?”. Kim Tae-gyun asked again, “Is that person a celebrity?”. Sandara Park avoided answering the question again by saying, “I don’t know him.”

Bbaek Ga emphasized Sandara Park’s words that both of them were covering their faces with masks and speculated that her ex-lover was a celebrity.

Source: Daum

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