BTS is accused of plagiarizing the first part of One Direction’s song What Makes You Beautiful

Being appreciated for the melody, but many people have realized that BTS’s Permission To Dance is similar to One Direction’s hit and some other songs.

BTS officially returned with the song Permission To Dance on July 9. The melody and message of the song are the things that make the strongest impression on listeners.

However, after Permission To Dance was released, many people quickly pointed out that the song’s melody is similar to another Kpop song. Not a strange song, it’s Danger – BTS’ hit released in 2014.

However, if the coincidence between the two BTS songs does not create too much controversy, the opening melody of Permission To Dance has been pointed out to be similar to One Direction’s hit What Makes You Beautiful. Moreover, these 2 songs have very similar vibes with full of vibrant sounds.

Explaining this coincidence, many fans think that due to Ed Sheeran’s participation in the composition, it is normal to have a little US-UK color:

  • When I first heard this song, I also thought of What Makes You Beautiful.
  • I agree that the vibes of these two songs are similar but it’s not plagiarized.
  • Ed Sheeran participated in composing, so it’s understandable that the song has a bit of US-UK color.
  • The first part is a bit similar, but the whole song is different.

Do you think the melody of Permission To Dance sounds similar to Danger and What Makes You Beautiful?

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