4 Korean actresses who suddenly went silent amidst the peak of their careers

2021 is going to end really soon, but the viewers are still waiting for the comeback of these actresses.

Throughout this year, K-Drama fans have seen the return of many famous actresses, such as Song Hye-kyo, Lee Young-ae, Jeon Ji-hyun, Lee Bo-young, etc. However, some names still remain silent.

1. Ha Ji Won

Recognized as one of the talented Korean actresses, Ha Ji Won has gained the trust of many film producers. However, since her last appearance as Seung Yi in the movie “Pawn” with the “Nation’s Father” Sung Dong-il in 2020, no information about her next project has been announced yet.

2. Lee Na Young

Won BinLee Na Young is said to be the most powerful yet mysterious couple in Korean showbiz. Like her husband, Lee Na Young rarely appears in public or receives movies. Despite not appearing in many works, every time Lee Na Young decided to act in a project, she always brought about a high-quality movie with her excellent acting. In early 2019, Lee Na Young suddenly made a comeback in “Romance Is A Bonus Book” working together with Lee Jong-suk. This seems to be a lucky chance for the viewers to see Lee Na Young’s acting.

3. Han Ga In

Korean beauty icon Han Ga In is also expected by fans to return.  After 6 years of hiatus, Han Ga In first returned with the drama Mistress in 2018 but did not achieve much success.  The audience expects that the actress’ next comeback will be a big hit.

4. Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin is the name associated with the success of a series of famous works such as It’s Okay It’s Love, Jealousy Incarnate.  Her acting ability also received much praise from the public.  But in 2020 and 2021, Gong Hyo Jin almost did not reveal any future plans, making the audience wonder when the actress will return to the screen

However, the good news for fans is that on November 18, Korean media reported that Gong Hyo Jin has been cast in the lead role in the new space drama – “Ask the Stars” by screenwriter Seo Sook Hyang. It is known that Lee Min Ho also plans to play the male lead role of this drama. However, Gong Hyo Jin has yet to make an official confirmation so her fans will still have to wait.

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