BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Files Trademark Applications for Her Brand “BLISSOO” Across 13 Categories

Jisoo Files Trademark Applications Across Multiple Categories for Her Brand BLISSOO

BLACKPINK Jisoo has made a significant move in expanding her brand portfolio by filing trademark applications for her label “BLISSOO” across 13 different categories on KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Information Service). This strategic move indicates Jisoo’s ambitious plans to venture into a wide range of industries, potentially encompassing fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and more.

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The trademark applications were filed on February 22, 2024, under Jisoo’s real name, Kim Jisoo. The categories covered in the filings include:

  • Class 3: Cosmetics
  • Class 9: Photography, film, media – technical
  • Class 14: Jewelry, watches, precious metals
  • Class 16: Printing, packaging, stationery
  • Class 18: Leather, bags, luggage
  • Class 25: Clothing, footwear, hats
  • Class 26: Accessories (ribbons, decorative tapes, etc.)
  • Class 28: Entertainment, gaming devices, sporting goods
  • Class 35: Advertising, business management, and office management
  • Class 38: Telecommunications
  • Class 41: Education, training, entertainment, sports, and cultural activities
  • Class 43: Restaurants, catering
  • Class 44: Medical, veterinary, agricultural, fishery, forestry

Jisoo’s decision to file for trademarks across such a diverse range of categories suggests her intention to establish BLISSOO as a multifaceted brand with a strong presence in various sectors. This move aligns with her growing influence as a global icon and her desire to connect with fans on multiple levels.

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The success of these trademark applications will pave the way for Jisoo to launch a wide array of products and services under the BLISSOO brand. This could include cosmetics, fashion items, lifestyle products, entertainment ventures, and even educational or charitable initiatives.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Jisoo established her own brand BLISSOO in 2024, after ending her contract with YG Entertainment.

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